Conversations with Shane Gober: Fire Suppression Explained

Oct 28, 2022

Hear from our resident expert, Shane Gober, on the ins and outs of this life- and equipment-saving process!

Category: Fire Safety
HALO: Health, Safety & Vape Building Automation

Aug 10, 2022

HALO is a ceiling-mounted CO2 device that detects vaping, bullying, and gunshots. This device is not a thing of the futu... Read More

Category: Campus Safety
Hospital Security Audit: How Secure Is Your Access Control System

Jul 22, 2022

Access control systems are being used to increase security in hospitals. Find out who the access control system protect... Read More
Video Surveillance: Open vs. Proprietary

Jun 9, 2022

Is it better to have an open platform or a proprietary-based security video surveillance system? How do you decide? He... Read More
Why You Need a Network of Fire Alarm Systems

May 23, 2022

Well-functioning fire alarm systems enable you to provide an early warning to speed up evacuation time for people in the... Read More

Category: Fire Safety
Think Out Loud: How Quality Sound Systems Improve Your Meetings

May 5, 2022

Your meetings require quality, audible communications. Having the proper audio technology gives you the ability to maxim... Read More
Fire Prevention in Restaurants

Apr 13, 2022

Not only should patrons enjoy an exceptional dining experience but you need to ensure that the experience is a safe one ... Read More

Category: Fire Safety
Panic Buttons in Hospitals

Mar 30, 2022

In the past few years with Covid-19 there has been an increase in the need for panic buttons in hospitals. See how Midw... Read More
Access Control Challenges in College Dorms

Mar 11, 2022

Security is a primary concern across colleges and universities to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. See how acces... Read More

Category: Fire Safety , Campus Safety
4 Reasons to Maintain Your Access Control System

Jan 31, 2022

If a system is working should you continue maintenance on it? Yes! Here are the top reasons why you should maintain yo... Read More