Sound Systems

Professional Sound System

Normally, we’re talking about sounding alarms but let’s talk professional sound systems and intercoms for your campus. After all, they say communication is key to any good relationship.

Audio & Communications

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We believe that your speech, performance, football game and all other forms of communication should be heard clearly from any seat in the house. Whether it’s theatre, music or routine announcements, poor sound can lead to an unfavorable experience. When using a professional sound system similar to that of recording engineers and concert sound professionals, you allow your venue to provide extraordinarily clear sound with transient accuracy.

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Examples of venues we've worked with:

High School / Colleges

Music Halls

Sports Arenas



Commercial Offices

Your small church or large stadium is deserving of a custom-designed, engineered and installed professional sound system. We install signal processing units, power amplifiers and loudspeakers. Elevating the sound quality and moderating the volume will bring your event to life!

Intercom Systems

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Alert your entire facility (including remote access points and outlying building facilities) of day-to-day and emergency events (such as security breaches, severe weather, compliance, etc.). Our intercom systems come with full telephone integration and the ability to update your system configuration, plus they are fully customizable for your crisis communications, full-featured public address and paging needs. Combine the features of an electronic telephone network with a sound and program distribution system, all of which include emergency all-call paging and alarm functions.

Use our low-voltage intercom system for:

K-12 Schools

Hospitals & Healtchare Facilities

Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Detention Centers

Colleges and Universities

Professional sound communications ensure announcers can be heard, speeches are clear and music shines brilliantly throughout your arena. Public address (intercom) is an essential part of your business security system in any of the above facilities and a variety of scenarios.

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