DES MOINES, Iowa – As an Authorized Jeron Distributor, Midwest Alarm Services supports the sales and service of Provider® and Pro-Alert™ Nurse Call Communication Solutions for healthcare facilities throughout Iowa and Nebraska. Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. has remained open in an effort to distribute their ready-to-ship Emergency Nurse Call systems to temporary COVID-19 facilities. These mission critical nurse call systems that facilitate needed communication between patients and caregivers can be quickly added to makeshift healthcare facilities.

Doug Richard, President of Midwest Alarm Services, said, “We are very proud of our partnership with Jeron and the work they are doing to assist with pandemic response efforts. Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. has developed a program to get much-needed Emergency Nurse Call systems shipped immediately to temporary facilities set up to treat COVID-19 patients. If we can be of any assistance in helping answer questions or support your nurse call needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.”

You can connect with our team at or call us at (888) 767-2794 to address your ready-to-ship Emergency Nurse Call package needs or any questions you may have. Below is Jeron’s full press release.

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Nurse Call Systems Available Now for COVID-19 Expansion Facilities

jeron-shipping-to-crisis-facilities-forwebsite.jpgNILES, Ill. - April 16, 2020 – As a nurse call and healthcare communications manufacturer located in the suburbs of Chicago, Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. has remained open to ship emergency nurse call alerting systems to many temporary pandemic facilities throughout North America.

Within the last few weeks, Jeron nurse call has been installed at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago converting it into the largest temporary healthcare facility in the U.S. Jeron nurse call has also been installed in many other facilities including the expansion area at Coler Specialty Hospital in New York City, unused buildings in the Warehouse and SoDo Districts in Seattle, and also into previously empty skilled nursing facilities in California.

Supporting these new or expanded temporary healthcare facilities, Jeron has ready-to-ship nurse call systems which give patients the ability to call a caregiver using a button or cord within reach of them at all times. Jeron is working with their local low voltage installing distributors, city and state agencies, and FEMA to quickly add mission critical nurse to thousands of beds in these facilities.

"We are fortunate enough to be a U.S. Manufacturer with the capability to produce and ship nurse call communication equipment quickly, said Sean Doherty, Jeron's National Sales Manager. We are shipping and installing through our network of nationwide distributors, sometimes within days. Everyone is working together to get our nurse call kits up and running in a fast and diligent manner as we are following health agencies guidelines."

Jeron's emergency pre-packaged nurse call systems are ready to go with the following features and components:

  • Station with a callcord or pullcord: for the patient to contact their caregiver with a push of a button or pull of a cord
  • Patient station: optional station that supports audio communication between patients and caregivers
  • Dome light: a visual indicator near each patient to visually direct caregivers to an active patient call
  • Staff console: located at a central staff area, the console displays all active patient calls with the option to be able to answer the call and communicate with the patient remotely

In addition to pre-packaged Emergency Nurse Call systems, Jeron is ready to ship any of their nurse call lines or area of rescue assistance lines where needed. For more information, please call 800.621.1903 to connect with a local company providing Jeron Nurse Call installation and support.

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