Midwest Alarm Staff Attends Training At The Des Moines Fire Department

Fire Alarm Class

In the ever-changing world of construction and building codes, it is important to stay as current as possible. Staying on top of any code changes allows us to keep our projects on time and keep buildings opening on schedule. Our colleagues at the Des Moines Fire Department graciously hosted a training event recently at their facility on Dean Avenue. Fire protection engineer Scott Lacey spoke extensively on the design of fire alarm systems and the construction process. The class was attended by several Fire Marshals and inspectors, as well as Midwest Alarm Service staff.

Are You Considering Upgrading Your Fire Alarm System?

We receive inquiries every summer from facilities considering upgrading older zoned fire alarm systems to state-of-the-art advanced addressable systems. We are happy to help guide you through this process. Most Fire Marshals require notification about these types of projects which could trigger the requirement to bring the entire system up to current code. We can work with the code authorities to determine the level of upgrade required, and provide a code compliant design and installation for your facility. It can be complicated, but it's what Midwest Alarm Services does on a daily basis and we can provide help and guidance for the successful completion of your upgrade.

Product Spotlight - First Command Emergency Communication System (ECS)

Emergency Communication SystemNOTIFIER recently introduced the First Command Emergency Communication System (ECS) designed to seamlessly interface with virtually any commercial fire alarm to provide a system for broadcasting live voice messages, recorded general messages, and emergency alerts. By leveraging the code-required single-channel voice evacuation in buildings with over 1,000 occupants First Command offers small, standalone facilities a solution that is both economical and highly reliable. Contact your local Midwest Alarm Services sales representative for more information.

Iowa School And Building Grounds Association

Midwest Alarm Services attended the Iowa Buildings and Grounds Trade Show on July 2nd at the Meskwaki School. This is our 10th year attending this event. This year Honeywell Security put on a class regarding increasing the security in the school. It was great to see everyone that stopped by the booth. Thank you to ISBGA for inviting us to this event.