Your meetings require quality, audible communications. Having the proper audio technology gives you the ability to maximize meeting room function while ensuring smooth communication between the facilitator and participants. Keep reading to find out how clear audio makes for comfortable and successful meetings and presentations.

Why Sound Quality, Clarity & Volume Matter

Sound system design is based on a number of factors. The layout, size, and shape of a room determine the range of sound that can be translated clearly through a speaker or heard through a built-in microphone. With the proper, correctly calibrated audio systems, a presenter can be heard loud and clear by attendees no matter the size of the room.

In larger meeting rooms and auditoriums, built-in microphones aren't enough. They may require louder than normal audio and more clarity. Background noise and echos are distracting which can damage the effectiveness of a meeting or presentation. Some may tune out altogether. Even worse, presenters’ credibility may be damaged through the perception that there has been a lack of planning and organization. By having a modern sound system in place, meetings are productive and participants are engaged.

Aside from sound systems, sound-absorbing materials such as acoustic wall panels and moveable walls help audio become louder and clearer. This is important in large meeting rooms. By absorbing the sound and reducing reverberation, those who have trouble hearing will be able to understand what is being discussed. With increased volume and clarity, you’ll have fewer disruptions and misunderstandings.

Avoiding Technical Difficulties


Audio is vital in delivering a quality sound experience. But a visual presentation is no good with poor audio or no sound. Precious minutes are wasted trying to get it fixed (we’ve all been there!). Pausing to get technology to work is distracting, causing your participants to lose attention. Instead, imagine simply walking into the room and presenting right away without issue.

A high-tech meeting room sound system has sophisticated technology such as a hands-free control so the presenter can move around with a wireless microphone. This benefits a meeting with multiple presenters, a number of seating areas, and several room divisions. Speakers are able to cover a wide area, presenters can interact directly with members, keeping them involved the whole time. For speakers who like audience engagement, everyone can actively participate with the right sound system.

Hybrid Employees & Remote Meetings

You have employees here, there, and everywhere. With a professional sound system in place, distractions (think side conversations and background noise) are minimized due to sound masking. Audio output disturbances caused by frequency interference won't be encountered. Without interruptions, you are able to keep your meetings crisp and concise.

With so many employees working remotely and the challenges of global communications, the right technology is paramount. Software plays its part and there are many telecom services that provide excellent digital communication services. It would be a shame if the hardware being used did not match the performance of the software. Get the right sound system and no one will have to worry about microphone feedback or buzzing sounds because everything needed for successful communication is in place.

The Psychology of Sound

Every aspect of a meeting, from the seating to the lighting, has an impact on participants. This is especially true for sensory-rich environments because they stimulate the brain, liven up the senses, encourage learning and attract attention. In any meeting where visuals and sound are involved, attendants are more likely to become engaged. Sound, particularly, has the ability to transform a small space into a huge arena if it is clear and pleasant.

Over the years, technological advancements have made it possible to ensure that meetings are more effective, productive, and successful. Whether through video streaming or sound system engineering, businesses are now able to create a rich environment for their employees so meetings and conferences become more engaging.

Being misunderstood due to poor acoustics can be discouraging! Instead, allow all of your speakers the confidence that they are being heard.

A Provider of Audio and Communications

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