I recently read a book of individual stories from those who have served in the military over the past 15 years. One story made me reflect on our business at Midwest Alarm Services and the impact we have on public safety.

The story was about a Navy sailor who was lamenting to a Marine at a bar that he had never seen combat or had the opportunity to fire on the enemy. The Marine listened and told the sailor, there were many times they needed support from the Navy, either in attack planes coming off carriers or supplies being delivered. If it wasn’t for the support the Marines received in the field from the Navy, he personally would not have survived. The sailor went back to his crew on the ship and told them that they might not carry a gun, but their work on the ship was vital to helping the soldiers in the field do their jobs.

This reminded me of our team at Midwest Alarm Services. We are not the individuals who go into buildings to fight fires and rescue individuals, but we are the team who provides and services life safety systems that make those buildings safer, and alerts authorities with the information they need to quickly and effectively respond. In the event of a fire, the equipment we provide allows the fire departments to know exactly where the fire is at in the building and where it is spreading, so they can put it out in less time. 

We are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated staff that works extremely hard at what they do and in doing so make the buildings that people live and work in safe and secure.

Doug Richard
President of Midwest Alarm Services

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