There are a wide variety of security systems available on the market today for businesses and schools of all types. No matter which security system you may have in place, there is always room for more effectiveness in regards to safety.

While access control systems can involve key cards, pin codes, or biometric scanners, they also include business alarms and security monitoring systems. An electronic access control system is much like any other electronic process of verification, but can also assist you in keeping outside intruders from gaining access to valuable office devices, as well as confidential business information. 

Having an effective access control system will also help keep employees and students safe. There are an infinite number of reasons you should properly maintain your access control system, but today we will give you the top four.

1. Restricting Unauthorized Access & Reduce Theft

According to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), organizations lose an estimated 5% of annual revenues to fraud each year. An access control system makes it extremely difficult for, employees, intruders, or any unauthorized individuals to gain access to that which you don’t want to be accessed. It provides you with control over who has access to the various areas within your place of business, such as any high-risk areas, confidential files, etc. while also deterring criminals. 

Simply put, anyone without the exact credentials and/or identification cards that are required will not be allowed access and/or entry. Only those who have been pre-authorized by you and logged in to your access control system will get in.

2. Electronic Visitor & History Log

On the same note of restricted access, access control systems can also provide you with an electronic log of each occurrence where access was granted on your property. This information can be recorded and reviewed at a later time. Reports can be generated to see who has accessed what, where, and when, creating an audit trail that enables you to electronically manage the time and attendance of your employees. 

Access control systems can also provide you with muster reports that allow you to instantly see precisely who is where in your building in case of a shutdown, lockdown, or emergency.

3. Improved Surveillance & Better Visibility

Access control systems are meant to be deterrents and prevent hazardous events from occurring by keeping people out. However, emergencies do occur and control systems need to be used during or after an event. 

With a standard door and alarm system, an alarm will go off letting you know when someone breaches an entry and identifies which door triggered the alarm. But, who opened the door? With an access control system, you have the ability to integrate your video surveillance cameras with your door locks to create a seamless and secure environment. You can now view immediate surveillance video if an emergency situation arises. Videos can also be recorded and stored in your centralized security office for use in the future.

4. How You Benefit from Building Access Control Systems

Whether you are running a business or managing a school district, ensuring the safety of each and every person that enters your building(s) is your legal duty. In fact, there are health and safety issues that could potentially arise if your access control systems are not maintained to operational standards. Risks such as workers being trapped in buildings, disruption to procedures and systems, and loss/theft of company/school property. 

By using an access control system, you are able to manage every aspect of your job site from a central location, allowing your facility to be secured against outside and inside threats in a matter of seconds. You’ve now increased the safety of all personnel on-site.

The goal of access control systems is always the same: to increase safety and security at any location. Conduct regular maintenance on your access control systems to ensure proper function and the utmost safety. Contact us for assistance!