Wireless Clocks

Timing Is Everything

We don’t believe in being fashionably late or any other type of tardiness. Keep everyone on time with wireless clocks throughout your facilities.

Because a Synchronized Facility Runs Like a Well-Oiled Machine

If you’ve ever wished for everyone in your school, hotel, hospital or other business to operate on your time, now is your chance. Having the official time on all your facility’s wall clocks keeps things efficient, safe and running smoothly.

Get your digital and analog clocks synchronized with wireless technology. And, as always, enjoy seamless operation with any web-enabled device.

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Our wireless clocks eliminate money lost to:

  • Inaccurate campus security logs
  • Class disruptions due to tardiness
  • Inconsistent shift changes and lengthy breaks
  • Excessive maintenance time spent changing batteries
  • Daylight Saving Time and other time changes