Make Your Campus a Safer Place

CAPSOL - our latest technology for monitoring life-threatening comments made prior to an event occurring - is here.

What if you could monitor harmful data and identify where an event may happen before it does? Now, being able to identify threats such as sexual assault, active shooter, and other forms of violence is possible and these heinous crimes are potentially avoidable.

Pre-Event monitoring and mass notification

Students sit in a classroom using laptop computers

In other words, college campuses, k-12 schools and other facilities can now use real-time and near real-time data to mitigate life-threatening risks by monitoring structured and unstructured data feeds  and then respond to threats before they occur. More easily comply with Title IX reporting and the Clery Act  while keeping students safer.

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Checks & Balances

CAPSOL provides the checks and balances needed to track these life-altering and life-threatening events before they happen.

In the past, reporting of life threatening events occurred only after they had been committed. Now, the technology is here to implement algorithms intended to identify increasing threats   before they happen. This real-time and near real-time information gathering and processing is unique to each client based on customer-defined alerts.

Identify the Threat

“If we only knew, we could have done something.”

The pandemic has led to increased isolation and use of digital platforms for both personal and educational purposes. Suicide rates, for example, have increased at an alarming rate due to bullying, hazing, depression, loneliness, rejection, failure and so on; these emotions are often posted publically online. CAPSOL’s goal is to identify the threat or concern and process any trends for evaluation, providing assistance only when needed.

Once identified, notifications are initiated in a timely fashion with the goal of preventing potentially tragic incidences. We can now put a stop to so many unnecessary tragedies.

Learn more about increasing your margin of safety with CAPSOL, because it’s not just about business security but keeping everyone safe. Request a free demo for this imperative security solution here.