Area of Refuge Systems

Don’t Risk Leaving Anyone Behind

We install two-way, hands-free communication systems in your multi-story buildings.

Your Call for Safety

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Elevators shut down in the event of a fire, making stairs the only viable means of exit. However, there are many people who are prevented from using stairs including wheelchair users, elderly people, people with vision impairments, and hospital and nursing home patients.

Area of refuge systems allows for building occupants who cannot traverse the stairs without assistance to have a designated area for two-way, hands-free communication (call boxes) with emergency personnel, as required by the International Building Code (IBC). Designated areas also protect occupants from fire and smoke.

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Call Box Requirements

Call boxes are required for all areas of refuge located in new construction, significant remodels or change of building use in the states we serve: Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Missouri.

Integrating your area of refuge life safety solutions with the help of certified professionals gives you the peace of mind that not only has code been met, but lives have been saved.