Video Surveillance Systems

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Video Surveillance Camera

One way to use technology to your advantage is by way of video surveillance. You might already know that cameras are commonplace at the entrances of most commercial buildings but did you know that spending on video surveillance equipment has more than doubled in the last five years?

IP (internet protocol), CCTV (closed-circuit television) and wireless security cameras are used to sweep parking lots, keep a 24/7 eye on everyone inside and outside of your building and act as a crime deterrent. What’s more, as their popularity in video surveillance has increased, criminal behavior has dropped, a statistic that is priceless.

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Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

  • Intelligent video analytics to help identify threats and create alarms based on those threats
  • Ability to track individuals as they approach, enter or leave the premises
  • Assist with on-premise loss prevention measures
  • Reduce the threat of fraudulent claims
  • Ensure employee productivity
  • Ensure employee safety
  • Meets required security measure for certain types of properties
  • Easily monitored and controlled from a centralized security office
  • Deter criminal behavior and activity
  • Reduce physical security labor costs
  • Record threat and incident information

Video Surveillance System Technology Backed by Real People

Technology is not the sole owner of innovation. Real, human relationships built on face-to-face connection is as much of an industry disruptor as leading-edge products and tech.

Details You Need to Know Prior to Making a Purchase

  • Do we have years of experience and technical knowledge? Yes.
  • Have we worked on everything from doorways to rooftops, small mom and pop shops to large universities and walkways to parking lots? Yes.
  • Do we provide modern video surveillance equipment with supporting software that is cost-effective and easy to operate? Yes.
  • Do we custom design and install your video surveillance and digital recording system specific to your business’s security needs? Absolutely.

Details You’ll Wish You Had Asked Sooner

Customers who hire us hire us choose us for so much more. We will always go the extra mile to engineer the best, most secure system for you. We’ll shake your hand, look you in the eye and make sure you know how to reach us should there be any issues. We’ll treat your business as our very own. That’s the Midwest Alarm Services promise to ourselves and to you.

Taking that one step further, additional eyes on your people and your physical assets are made possible by our partners, including:  Axis, Bosch, Digital Watchdog and more.

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Partner with Midwest Alarm Services

Offering effective video surveillance hardware and software technologies is only part of our story. Our team can help you easily and affordably manage the security of your building and the safety of your people in a multitude of ways.

Partnering with Midwest Alarm Services means developing formidable human relationships while protecting your business via fire inspections, fire alarms, business security systems, professional sound communications systems and even pre-event monitoring and mass notification. Connect with us to learn more or request a free quote.